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You may be a complete beginner, student, professional or even a fluent speaker desiring to take your language skills to the next level; at ESOL there is a course that suits everyone’s requirements.


L3 - Pre Intermediate 1

This is a level that would continue for an approximate period of 1 year where 48 tutorials are being covered each week. Specially designed for students of age 9 – 11, this course comprises basic grammar parts as well. L3 - Pre-Intermediate 1 holds a significant place as a level where students are being prepared for the YLE Movers examination. Similar to previous curriculums this level further focuses on the reading ability, writing, listening, and speaking skills of young learners to a more sophisticated level than early levels. The vocabulary of the students is being expanded during this level while they are taught how to apply what they learned inside the classroom to their daily lives.

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