CEO's Message

I am both honoured and humbled to head a community of warm and friendly teachers, who not only offer the highest standards of education but have consistently delivered results over the past decade. Having developed a reputation for quality standards over the past 10 years, I wish to uphold this same standard for the years to come as well, in catering to our 3000+ students who hail from various walks of life. Upon stepping into our next decade of service excellence, I am confident that this is what will enable us to accomplish our vision of becoming a benchmark for educational institutes, within whole of Asia.

Our combination of running small classes by experienced teachers, within a unique learning environment through the adoption of innovative techniques has rendered outstanding academic results for our students over the years. From Prep all the way through to Level 10, we enable our students to grow and develop through their preferred learning styles. Thereby our focus has always been to ‘mine’ the unique strengths and abilities of each student and direct them towards the pathway that’s most suitable for them.

This is what has enabled us to earn the trust of many prospective parents who value our small class sizing, which affirms that extra attention and care for their child’s holistic development.

Himantha Karunarathne
CEO / Managing Director

Principal's Message

It gives me great pleasure to see the results we have delivered over the past decade. This is as a result of the dedication and commitment displayed by our talented cadre of teachers who tirelessly work to give added value to your child’s English learning experience.

From internationally acclaimed certifications from the University of Cambridge UK, to offering Cambridge ESOL examinations, we continue to uphold the name as one of the best ESOL trainers in Sri Lanka. All examinations are administrated by the British Council and we take great care in teaching and developing the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, to ensure best results.

The happy smiles on our students’ faces and their subsequent results give us great satisfaction in continuing to maintain our unique ‘activity based’ teaching method. And our hope and aspiration is to further expand our scope to reach a wider audience irrespective of social boundaries; one that we are committed to accomplish in the near future.

Amali Jayasinghe

Secretary's Message

As part of the ESOL Team, it is such a great privilege and an inimitable experience to work in a foreign society that comprises a cluster of local and globally skilled individuals. The staff gets the chance to work in a harmonious working environment that enables them to acquire interpersonal relationship with their colleagues. The management strive to uphold the standard of education in the organization with the aid of its workforce by ensuring that the staff are equip with the skills and knowledge for them to perform their respective duties and responsibilities.

Anna Mae Gacuma Gonzales

HR Manager's Message

We at ESOL College are very clear about what we want to deliver. We strive to produce young minds who wish to engage with the world of knowledge, minds that are hungry for “more”. It is our considered belief that if the process is right, the results will follow. We are also fortunate to have an experienced and committed team. I, along with our team of silent workers and dedicated faculty, intend to build on this strong foundation and raise the standards in all spheres, to the zenith.

Taniya Warnakula
Manager HR and Administrations

Teachers Development Manager's Message

The Academic Department at ESOL College aims to enhance teacher education by strengthening the pedagogy. We want the teachers to be equipped with both theory and practice in the English language. At ESOL, we believe the teachers are the key to shaping students’ future, so we train them to understand student needs, their language backgrounds, and interests. As one of the Teacher Development Managers, I constantly evaluate assigned teacher responsibilities to make sure that the predefined teaching standards are maintained by them. The Academic Division always take the necessary steps to ensure that a quality service is being transferred to our students through our teachers.

Isuri Kathriarachchi
Academic Manager - Teacher Development

Students Development Manager's Message

I strongly believe that children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future. It’s our responsibility to provide quality education and mould the children to reach greater heights. It’s been a pleasure to work with the academic team at ESOL College to enhance knowledge and develop skills of thousands of students. We make sure to give the students the best learning experience where they practice and achieve proficiency in content and applied learning skills. Our curriculum which includes the clearly defined goals, methods, materials and assessment methods effectively supports the learning process of our students. As a team we are always committed to deliver the quality education that the students expect from us..

Thushanthi Ramanayaka
Manager - Student Development

Accountant's Message

As a socially pledged organization that adept’s differentiation towards its core operations, we believe in providing exceptional educational service to the students of ESOL College International. Our cross-functional teams are committed to adding value to the existing and futuristic operations of the organization to initiate and maintain a smoother and effective learning experience. As a key member of the Finance Division, I can state with confidence that my team provides administrative services with the utmost responsibility to the ESOL College clientele. In addition, I have set high standards and benchmarks within the finance division to deliver a friendly and professional service to the parents and students of ESOL College International.

Channa Yapa Bandara

IT Manager's Message

Collaborating education with technology creates wonders and increases potential ability for an institute to deliver higher accomplishment to its students. At ESOL College, we strive continuously to make a difference to our management style and teaching methods by involving technology in a unique manner and believing in “Continuous Improvement Process”.

Tharindu Dileepa
Manager IT

P & P Manager's Message

Having experience over 6 years at ESOL College in the IT Department, our team is committed to the principles of positive impact, open communication and are guided by the overarching goals of academic excellence, well-being and operational effectiveness. Team working environment is highly encouraged, which I believe is the key to the success the institute has achieved so far.

Kawindu Weerasinghe
Manager – Printing Division

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