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L2 - Elementary 2

Similar to L1 - Elementary 1, L2 - Elementary 2 is another level where young learners are being sent to Cambridge Starters examination. Apart from usual classes, they are being extensively trained for examinations through extra sessions where exam focus areas are being thoroughly discussed. This level is designed for young learners aged around 10 years old. At this level, learners will be taught basic grammar structures. It is also a great opportunity for the learners to enhance their listening and speaking skills in and outside the classroom.

As always, an atmosphere where students are encouraged to learn is maintained in our classrooms and a student-centered teaching method is being followed where raising subject-related questions is encouraged and appreciated. The teacher works as a facilitator where students are asked to get the best support out of them rather than having students depend on them to expand their knowledge. Everything the students have learned in previous levels will be revised and the learning content in level 2 is purposely elevated to a slightly more advanced level than their previous levels. Teaching of grammar parts will be done through activities and examples while setting different goals to explore the language in higher dimensions.

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