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PS - Beginners 2

This is an intricately designed early childhood development program that primarily aims for the 6 -7 age category. At this level, learners will be mainly taught vocabulary that is required to carry out conversations daily. Young learners are being taught how to build 3 worded sentences and this level is the step where they get a proper first glimpse of sentence construction. Later on, during more advanced levels, sentence construction is taught to a deeper extent where the preschool level obtains this goal by introducing them into 3 worded sentences.

During this level, their confidence in speaking is also being evaluated by teachers and steps are being taken to make students more comfortable and confident in using the English language. Additionally, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills will be developed using in-class activities as well. Exercises such as tongue twisters are being practiced to improve pronunciation, phonetics, and accents. Preschool is a level that does not carry a heavy weight of academic knowledge but works as a stepping stone for young learners to enjoy learning while enhancing the skills they are gifted with.

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