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PSJ – Beginners 1

Pre School Junior course is designed for young learners that would encourage them to start learn English using their own experiences. This level focusses to encourage children to be more creative, expressive and learn English systematically. During Pre School Junior, students will be taught the language in a far less complex approach in contrast to other levels. The content that will be taught in the level will be age appropriate for young learners and will not burden them with a vast amount of knowledge.

For each day, 2 nouns will be taught for children and the following week, what has been taught will be revised as well. Apart from that, nursery rhymes are recited in the class as groups and individually to familiarize students with the language and pronunciation. Teaching of Nursery Rhymes will also be a methodology of teaching vocabulary apart from the words the children are being taught in class. Vocabulary related activities will take place in the classroom every week to prepare young children to be effective speakers on a daily basis. The Alphabet which also has been taught previously will be revised until they get a good grasp on the letters and how to use them appropriately in words.

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