The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) is a test which validates competencies that areessential in successfully delivering English Language for those who don’t use Englishas their first language. TKT is suitable for teachers of all age groups who are equippedwith various skills. Various test modules are available to test these competencies.


Who should take this exam?

TKT gives an internationally recognized qualification that proves your language-teaching abilities. The qualification is suitable for teachers who are fresh in their careerthat seeks ways to boost their confidence level and skills. Apart from that, TKT opensthe opportunity for experienced teachers who prefer to specialize in a certain area as well.

TKT also works as a good foundation level that prepares you for further qualifications inEnglish teaching, such as CELTA or Delta.

Formal English qualifications that are previously acquired won’t be necessary to sit forthe test.

What modules are available?

You can choose to take any of the TKT modules in combination or on their own.

Core modules 1-3

  • TKT Module 1: Background to language teaching
  • TKT Module 2: Planning for language teaching
  • TKT Module 3: Classroom management

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