About ESOL College 

We are specialised in providing an exceptional knowledge in English language as a prominent course provider of world wide recognised certifications granted by the University of Cambridge, UK. We as an institute, is recognised as an exam preparation course provider for the British Council which remain us as a specialised training and teaching language center. 

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We enhance the knowledge and skills and of your workforce to drive your organisation to its’ pinnacle.


You may be a complete beginner, student, professional or even a fluent speaker desiring to take your language skills to the next level; at ESOL there is a course that suits everyone’s requirements.


At ESOL College, we use activity based English language assessments, within an engagingly fun learning environment that piques the interest of our Young Learners.

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My kids learnt a lot and became cooperative as well as responsible in their time with ESOL College


I’m very grateful about the effort which is taken by ESOL College because of your endeavor my kids are raising their skills with enough confidence. So I think I found the right place to improve my kids in English while enjoying.